BaoHaus Menu

We serve only all-natural, antibiotic, and hormone free meats, and organic tofu. We fry in soy oil.

Chairman Bao™
Braised All Natural Berkshire Pork Belly Served with: crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus Relish, and Taiwanese red sugar.
Uncle Jesse Bao™
Organic Fried Tofu
Served with: crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus Sauce, and Taiwanese red sugar.
Birdhaus Bao ™
All Natural Fried Chicken Brined 24 hours and served with Haus Seasoning Salt, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and Taiwanese red sugar.
Wagyu Haus Bao
Snake River Farms Steak
Served with: Haus relish, crushed peanut, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro.
Bowls served with cucumber salad and garlic vinegar cabbage.

Coffin Bao Fried Chicken - NEW
A large fried bao stuffed with our fried chicken and topped with chili condensed milk syrup, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar, and cilantro.
Chairman on Rice
Red cooked pork belly on rice served with Haus relish and cilantro.
Minced Pork
A Taiwanese classic! Pat La Frieda ground Duroc pork and Berkshire pork belly stew
Manager’s Meal
Adobo & Minced Pork on rice Plus fried pork chop and chicken on top
Coffin Fish/Chicken
Fried Fish Bao

Sweet Bao Fries ™
Steamed then fried, Bao bread, served with your choice of condensed milk glazes: Black Sesame l Pandan
Taro Fries ™
Fresh taro root hand cut and seasoned with our Haus spices then served with Haus sauce.

Fresh Homemade Soy Milk
Made fresh each morning. Slightly sweetened with cane sugar.
Ai Yu Jelly Lemonade
Ai Yu seed jelly, hand squeezed lemons, and rock candy. Balanced and refreshing.
Apple Sidra
Taiwan’s famous apple soda.
Hey Song Sarsaparilla
Taiwanese rootbeer. Stronger root flavor and less sweetness.
Whole Leaf
Choose from our selection of Ten Ren Whole Leaf teas.
Cold Green Tea
Lang Lang